LibreOffice Drop Down menus background color is DARK!

Version: on Windows 10.

Issue: the background of drop-down menus is dark and the text is black.
LibreOffice Theme is set to Default.
Windows theme is set to dark.

This happened only after the latest update. Is this a bug? What can I do to fix it?
see below:


I don’t have any more due to space reasons but I could get the Windows dark theme previously. Try clicking Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced and click the box Enable experimental features (may be unstable) and restart LibreOffice

Thank you, just to clarify, I DON’T want dark theme, I want the drop menus bright, like the rest of the interface. I don’t know why are they dark now. I did nothing, just installed the new update.

The presumption for much of the interface of LibreOffice (and many other programs) is to pick up the operating system’s (and user’s selected) features so it appears as an app designed for that interface.

The bug report to implement the dark theme is Bug 118320 - Add support for Windows 10/11 dark mode
You can see where it is implemented in 7.4.3. It looks as if the intention is to make it switchable between system and user selection but that might not be implemented yet. There is an all-encompassing report, Bug 150915 (Windows-Dark-Mode) - [META] Windows Dark Mode bugs and enhancements

You could revert to LO 7.3 (stable) and see if LO 7.5 when it is released has a control to turn off dark mode in LO; I can’t find one in LO 7.5 beta

One thing that should be remembered is that Dark Mode isn’t perfect in Windows, I find that if I switch between modes the Windows Taskbar gets out of synch and becomes black in light mode and dark in light mode until rebooted.

Ok, the issue got fixed… I enabled Experimental Features, restarted LibreOffice, it got all black… good so far,just not what i wanted.
Then I disabled the feature and restarted again. Voia: menus back as they should be (white).

Okay, strange thing keeps happening… Even if the interface reverts once I enable/disable Experimental features, it reverts back to the black state after the application is closed.

This is NOT a fix, only a temporary solution, within the current session. Perhaps this should be announced to a devs team somehow… (btw, the issue still exists in the latest version

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You might want to create an enhancement request to have a setting to stop LibreOffice switching to dark if Windows is set to Dark theme. LO doesn’t have such a setting that I can see and it picks up the dark them automatically.
How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice

I am having the exact issue described here. It keeps reverting back.

It seems that a bug report has already been made, you should add yourself to the CC list to be kept informed and to show your interest.

[Edit 2023-03-08T11:00:00Z]
This has been resolved in LibreOffice In Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View under Appearance > Mode select from System, Light, or Dark

Nothing except updating to solved this for me.

It now picks up the theme correctly and has light menus in Windows (light) and contrast dark menus in Windows (dark)