LibreOffice extremely slow on Hyper-V

We were previously running Libre Office 6.1.4 on Windows Server2008R2 without problems.
When we virtualized the 2008R2 server on Hyper-V (Server 2016std) LO got really slow.
Opening menus is almost impossible and typing text on e.g. a Calc chart takes very long, typically 3sek delay.
The strange thing is that it is only LO which is affected.

We have reinstalled LO and have tried with both x86 and x64 version. An older LO version 5.4.4 was also tested with the same result. Antivirus was also reinstalled and temporarily disabled during the tests.

Now we are running OpenOffice 4.1.6 x86 and that works fine.
On most forums it is suggested to change settings in LibreOffice for OpenGL and hardware acceleration but that does not help.

Have anybody else experienced similar problems after virtualizing?
What components, services or other is Libre Office depending on that could cause the extremely slow user interface?

Heh… I dislike conspiracy theories, but this looks too much alike one :wink:

I’m having slowness issues too. Might be related.

We’re running LO 5.x OR 6.x in Win 10 (x64) and Win 7 (x86).

All instances of windoze 7 and 10 running as VirtualBox guests on CentOS hosts.

Various Intel and AMD hardware, all x64.

In all Win and LO conbinations, LO 5.x loads large documents MUCH faster than LO 6.x.
We use a test document of approx 1000 pages of lorem ipsum text.

MS_Q, you might be interested to try “upgrading” your LO to 5.x and see whether performance improves.

See Index of /libreoffice/old


An older LO version 5.4.4 was also tested with the same result