LibreOffice files do not open after Windows 10 upgrade

Hello everyone

as the title states, I can’t open files (at least, not properly) after upgrading to Win 10.

When I double-click on a .docx / .odt / .doc file, the LO Writer window shows up, but I can’t often see the text of the file.
Whenever I click on the window, it promptly says “(Not Responding)”.

I tried reinstalling LO, both Fresh and Still, and I tried renaming the user fold before opening the files again, with no change.
Hoping I was clear, what should I do?

Thank you for your concern, please help me :slight_smile:

Try disabling Menu/Options/LibreOffice/View - Graphics output - Use OpenGL for all rendering.

Almost certainly the OpenGL bug (fixed 1 Jan 2016). See reply to Q64314.