LibreOffice For Android 2.0.0 -4.0.0 OS TABLETS

Since the Android OS (tablets/phones) is the most popular OS overall, but Apps are UNDER developed in relation to
other OS’s (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.) by the developer community (at large), my question is this:

When will you have a Android portable app available? I have a DELL Venue 8 tablet running the Jelly Bean OS. It
seems the cart is being put before the horse!

Be advised I am NOT a newbie to computers…my first computer was a Commodore 64 circa 1983, and then I moved
on to MS DOS based PC’s, etc. I also have some knowledge of Linux, Mac OS (Mavericks), and now Android.

By the way, I find some parts of your web pages a bit confusing from a user point of view. How about a simple
e-mail webpage app without having to “jump thru hoops” using Google, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. in order to get
a e-mail to you.

Please NOTE I find LibreOffice a great program in relation to some of the other commercial Office software
vendors “out there”.



Duplicate of the questions here and here.