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I try to create a libreoffice forum account. This appears to be impossible because it is impossible to correctly repeat the terribly complicated captcha that you generate. Typing it over doesn’t work and copying and pasting it neither doesn’t work


Me too! (On you mean…) Pietvo’s answer below is the right one…

You have to enter ONLY the WORD that is hidden in the garbage that it shows, not the punctuation characters. For example the word CINCO in )&(^%&$^@%!!@#$%(% CINCO )&(^%&$^@%!!@#$%(%.

Unbelievable. I just went through the same frustrating stupidity of typing, retyping, copying/pasting…as if it was obvious what I was supposed to do. Glad I wasn’t the only one having an issue with this.


Well, since you were able to post this question, it seems you figured out the captcha :slight_smile:

No I didn’t. This is the website. My question is about the following web-site:

It’s maybe somewhat strange to ask a question about another web-site, but I think some users of this web-site may also have experience with this other web-site.


You are welcome to both these forums.

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I agree, the captcha is over complicated and difficult to see in some parts of you have poor eyesight, it’s time time to change to something sensible