LibreOffice freezes for a minute when some dialog is opened

LibreOffice v4.0.1.2 on Windows XP. When I use Calc everything is working fast and efficient except when I require some dialog to open like right click on cell and select Format Cells. When I select this option then LibreOffice freezes for about 1 minut and then displays dialog and works normally. If I close this window and reopened it, the same story it just takes for ever to display dialog window. This is very annoying to work with… This start happening using LibreOffice v4.0.1.2, using LibreOffice v3.6.5.2 did not happen.

I turned off (and exit them) antivirus/firewall/blocking tools and it does not help.

Any idea what is wrong?

I solved the problem it was Comodo Internet Security that was blocking LibreOffice.
Details: LibreOffice freezes for a minute when CIS is run - Defense+ / Sandbox Help - CIS