LibreOffice freezes while in the background

LibreOffic 4.3.5 (but was happening with 4.2 as well)
Mac OS X 10.9.5
Firefox 36.0.1 (but happend with 35.x)

I’v been having this problem for a while. I was hoping that upgrade the software would help but seemingly not.

I’ll often hav several apps running at once but I’v seen this with Safari, Firefox (yes both at the same time), and LO running. I can run Safari and LO all day and no freezing but when I throw Firefox in the mix I start to see problems.

I’ll work on LO (Writer) and the leav in the background … if I go long enuff … and hard to say when the cutoff time is … without bring LO to the foreground, it will lock up. I hav to force kill it. This only seems to happen when I hav Firefox running. I note FF to watch or download a lot film clips, mainly off youtube to watch later when I’m offline.

Anyone else having this problem? Any thoughts?

This seems to be a MAC OS problem and not an LibO problem

I would try to search the web and Mac forums to see if there is a solution. Otherwise, the best might be a fully new installation of your Mac from scratch.