LibreOffice Freezing Win Server 2008 xenApp Citrix

We are seeing a freezing issue on the document load of LibreOffice on the above server. We use an applet to load libreoffice in a browser(IE8). It works fine on a desktop apart from when the desktop has very little RAM and only it deadlocks at the very boot. Basically the Office program renders but it is blank white with just the cursor showing and options at the top of it.

Upgrade away from IE8 first.

@rautamiekka its not really a solution for us straight away but the same code runs fine on a desktop with the same IE8 browser. Any reason why an upgrade would work on a virtual server?

  1. Functionality**;;** 2) Security**;;** 3) Performance. Security matters even on virtual instance, by either delaying or preventing something nasty. However, given Micro$oft, there’s not much of a security nor performance.

the Office program renders but it is
blank white

You have not supplied the minimum requested info so it is difficult to be certain, but that looks very much like the OpenGL/OpenCL bug. Look at the answer to Q64314 for more info + a fix.