libreoffice-gtk3 missing in ????

Mageia7 x86-64
I downloaded and installed your version and the assorted nl language and help packs.
I suffer from tiny characters in the menus and the solution I found here was to install the libreoffice-gtk3 package, but that rpm is not provided in the dwonload. Anywhere where I can get it?

Herman Viaene


could it be that the solution you found, had been somehow related to Ubuntu? In TDF released rpm packages there is no libreoffice-gtk3 package and thus you won’t find it anywhere. The functionality is (most probably you are looking for the VCL GTK3 plugin) in package libobasis6.3-gnome-integration- (esp.: shared library

Hope that helps.

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As a KDE-Plasma user, I did not install the libobasis6.3-gnome-integration package, I thought it unnecessary as I installed the corresponding libobasis6.3-kde-integration.
So I followed yur advice, and installed the missing package, but that unfortunately crashed libreoffice all together. Launching the “libreoffice” command from the CLI, just returned to the CLI, nothing launches at all, no feedback whatsoever.
I will log a bug for this in the Mageia bugzilla (I am one of the QA testers of Mageia).

Why are you looking for gtk3 if using Plasma? Yes, you are right libobasis6.3-gnome-integration is not required for Plasma, but you asked about package supporting GTK3 and that’s what my answer is about. Anyway then filing a bug is pointless, since you may lack all of the required GNOME base packages. What is the VCL displayed in Help -> About LibreOffice right below the logo? (I’d assume you’ll find: VCL:x11 and this would mean: Neither KDE integration nor GNOME (Gtk3) is working.

I am not looking specically for gtk3, I’m looking for a solution to the tiny characters, and yes, you’re right, I get VCL:x11.
That would mean according to you that the KDE integration is not working, although i am sure this package is installed.
And the bug I will log has to do with the fact that when the libobasis6.3-gnome-integration package is installed, Libreoffice does not work at all. Removing this package makes Libreoffice operational again. I accept this is a problem with the Mageia installation since it has not been reported anywhere else???

OK - but the solution for VCL:x11 (which makes LibreOffice look&feel similiar to ancient Windows applications) is a VLC:kde5 - and this is in libobasis6.3-kde-integration. Now the following happens: LibreOffice seems to not recognize the plasma environment → doesn’t load the kde5 plugin → and falls back to default x11. There is an environment variable SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN which could be used to force LibreOffice to use a specific VCL. But I don’t dare to make an suggestions, since just noticed - after having installed Mageia 7 on a test system - that the distribution is running its own version of LibreOffice with a strange VCL:gtk3_kde5 and has a package libreoffice-kf5.. (seems to be the new Plasma naming) and libreoffice-gtk3... Thus it is quite unclear (for me) what Mageia might support and expect from non-distribution-repository applications.

In the meantime I have installed from TDF repository (all(!) RPMs from base package installed) and got it running using: export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3;libreoffice6.3. Therefore there seems to be a problem with the KDE integration package + some unknown dependencies.