Libreoffice Hangs/Freezes for 5-6 seconds when right clicking for the first time

Hi there, I have the latest version of LibreOffice and I am using the 64 bit version. When writing a document and wanting to right click so I can spell check a word. The program hangs/freezes for a good 5+ seconds. This is only when I right click for the first time, after the first right click, the problem does not happen again unless I close the program and re-open it.

This happens every time I close the program and open it again. Hope someone can help me fix the issue, thank you!

latest version of LibreOffice

What is the “latest” for you? TDF has 2 latest releases, each Linux distribution has its own notion of latest, software updaters might deliver other latest releases for Windows, hence this phrase doesn’t tell anything. Please, always provide the info given in Help -> About LibreOffice and everybody knows exactly what you are talking about (an may enable potential helpers to reproduce your problem).

My apologies. I am on windows 10.

Version: (x64)

Thanks for the info - just checked on my Windows 10 system using the same 64-bit release and did not notice any initial 5s delay on right-click. Therefore:

  1. Does this problem even happen on a new 1-page document (Type lorem and press F3)?
  2. What is the size of your document?
  3. Does this problem also happen, if you start LibreOffice in Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode and Continue in Safe Mode and open your document using File -> Open).`
  1. I made a new document, typed about 20 words and used right click. The problem did not happen.
  2. While this happens on any document, the current one is only 20kb
  3. It did sadly

I shut down my computer every night before I go to bed and I am starting to wonder if it happens only once per the machine being turned on/off. It happens but then doesn’t seem to happen for the rest of the day while the computer is on, but I do it the next day, it will happen the first time but then won’t happen after that the rest of the day.

Sorry if I am making this confusing.