LibreOffice Impress How to make video/audio start on click

Using Ubuntu 18.04.

In MS Office, when I embedded a video, the video didn’t start until I clicked on it, and even then, it stayed the same size I placed it. In Impress, when I reach the slide with the video, the video automatically takes the full screen and starts automatically. The video doesn’t have any control (pause/play, seek, sound volume…). Same with audio.

This is a serious deal breaker for me. My presentations all have audio and video. Sometimes 2 audio in the same slide (which in Impress, automatically play at he both time). Google gave me results from 6 years ago saying that this is a feature they will be working on. Still working on it or am I missing something? Thanks.

I sure wish that I could find some clear documentation on this.
I am trying to figure out how to get Impress to allow video playing with some sort of control and I cannot find a way so far.
For me, I was trying to use the Impress that comes with the latest open office and that is worse, no controls of any kind in that one, so I am trying to use LO’s Impress.
I do NOT have access to Powerpoint.
Is there any recommendations about other software for Windows that would handle adding video to a presentation, we would appreciate it.

Good luck,

I tried many things to work it out but LO Impress is the worst part of the LO suit. I just use WPS-Office for my video embedded slides on Linux. It works great!