LibreOffice Impress 6.3.2 slide transition blinks and very slow

I am really frustrated now. I’m working very hard on my presentations, just to redo everything in Google Slides (which is online only) which actually performs perfectly fine. It does exactly what I want it to, on the very same computer LibreOffice struggles on. Even Apache OpenOffice 4.1.7 performs farely good. But I have to redo all my presentations there too.

Both hardware and OpenGL settings have horrible rendering performance. It lags on ALL transitions and animations and the only performance I do get right is NO TRANSITION and NO ANIMATIONS.

Where is the memory setting? It’s NOT in Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Memory… I can’t do memory management, because I can’t find the memory option. So yeah, LibreOffice is really nice, until I have to run my presentation, then I turn in hating myself for trying to give LibreOffice a chance, while I know Google Slides is the best (but I can’t use internet all the time) and OpenOffice performs almost as good as Google.

I’ve read that even GTX 1060 have the exact same problem. Clearly it’s not my GTX 650 GPU at fault here (while Google Slides and OpenOffice works very well, even when I have 2 web browsers, video editing and several other software open).

How am I supposed to donate to an effort for a problem that remains unsolved for over 5 years. I’ve read several posts. Yes, and many posts are many years old of this very same problem.

Ok, I found some memory setting in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced > Open Expert Configuration > org.openoffice.Office.Common > Cache > GraphicManager. I don’t know if the “long” value is in bits, byte, MB… I changed the values to max and still no difference in performance. Searching for “memory” gives that option only.

Version: (x64)
Build ID: 98b30e735bda24bc04ab42594c85f7fd8be07b9c
CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 6.3; UI render: GL;
GeForce GTX 650 1Gb

Very many statements and only one question with missing question mark.

How am I supposed to donate to an effort for a problem that remains unsolved for over 5 years.

You don’t donate to solve problems. Except you want to donate 5- or 6-digit amounts.

Donations are purely voluntary and are usually not subject to any conditions.

If you have any further questions, please separate them. Thanks.

You are missing the point I make. These rendering issues with Impress are ages old, and yet no improvement at all. Version 6.3.2 being the latest, nothing has been done since the ver 5.x. If I am able to understand the programming LibreOffice, I would have looked into it, but it is out of scope of my programming experience.

I noted that exporting the presentation into pdf yields way(!) more smooth and quick transitions (using Okular). LibreOffice lets Xorg eat much CPU-time, while using Okular, the process itself eats CPU-time during transition (verified using top -d1).

I get the same problem–slides blink several times then advance if I’m lucky and the program doesn’t just crash. As part of the transition, the screen is divided quickly into segments into a Z that seems to be the Impress version of ‘fade smoothly’ and moves diagonally across the screen as the program crashes, Snazzy. Especially if you have 90 slides or so…

saving as .pdf works. but no auto-transitions of course.

running on Ubuntu 18.04 - … system – hp Eltiebook 8460P --drive is triple partioned and runs windows 7 and 10 if I want another choce, which is powerpoint on windows 7. I don’t think this configuration has anything to do with the partitionig since there are and have been so many similar reports over the years… Was there some problem between the makers of powerpoint and the makers of libre office?

I’m hoping this problem gets resolved before Microsoft’s End-of-Windows-7-Support…How’s Powerpoint on Windows 8.1?