Libreoffice impress html export missing in 24.2


I use Libreoffice impress to export a powerpoint presentation as individual PNG images.
File > Export > save type as HTML > HTML Export

This will save full size images as PNG, thumbnails, and html pages for each side.

In Libreoffice 24.2, this is missing and it will only save the first slide as an html page.
There does not appear to be any HTML Export option.

Am i mistaken and this still exists, but it’s now moved elsewhere?


Please see this comment Html pages saved in 7.4.7 aren't saved in 24.2.0, - #2 by Grantler

Thanks for the reply.

If I understand that thread, the UI option has been dropped, and there’s now a
--convert-to html:"impress_html_Export" oprion, but appears to make a single HTML page.
Is that correct?

All i would like are the slides saved as individual PNG images.
Is there an option to do that in version 24.2+?


I did some testing with 24.2 and found out exporting as SVG when you have all the slides selected and you check the “selection” box will export all images in a single file - not what I want.

I did the same with basically all the other image formats and it exports only the first slide, even if you have all slides selected and you click the “selection” box.

I don’t necessarily need the HTML generated for the slide deck, but I would like individual slides exported as images.

Is the selection checkbox under export really the desired behavior of LibreOffice, or is there a bug with it?

According to ReleaseNotes/24.2 - The Document Foundation Wiki it is intended that slides be exported as a single document.

@robleyd, that’s horrifying…my workflow is broken.

:wink: :slightly_frowning_face:

What can I say? (Edit to fix image link)


It is possible to have more than one version of LibreOffice installed. Not only useful for testing a new one, but keeps also older “Features” available, if changed or removed…


The relevant page linked from here might be useful, Installing several versions of LibreOffice in parallel - The Document Foundation Wiki

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Wow, bummer. I literally just updated to 24.2 to see if the export might be better. Big mistake. :-/