Libreoffice impress keep crashing

Impress keep crashing when I play a slide show that have newer slide transitions such as helix, iris, ripple. I am now currently using libreoffice 7 Linux mint 20. I never had such serious issue with impress before. I tested it again on libreoffice on Linux 19.3 and it similarly the libreoffice crashed as well.

Sometimes even applying the transitions will crash.

I have no problem running the slides when I removed all the slide transitions.

I had been using libreoffice since Star Office days.

Please test with a clean profile, Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode.

Yes, I tested with factory setting in Safe Mode and it crashed too

The crash report was successfully uploaded.
You can soon find the report at:

Do you have an AMD graphics processor by any chance? I’m also running Linux Mint and this looks very similar to the problem I’ve been having. I submitted a bug report on LO’s bugzilla ( ) and they say it’s probably a problem with Ubuntu’s radeonsi drivers and closed the bug. However, I switched to Oibaf’s drivers to see if that made a difference, and the crash still happened. It also only happens on the GTK VCL interface. If I run LO with SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen libreoffice, everything works perfectly fine (other than the ugly Windows 95-looking UI). So I’m not so sure. I think it must be a bug in the GTK VCL, personally. Whatever the cause, this is extremely frustrating! It’s especially frustrating, as I’ve never had crashes caused by the radeon drivers on any other program before, so I’m not sure why it would be happening on something as basic as slide transitions.

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I’m using libreoffice impress on Raspberry Pi, and get crashes with smooth slide transitions. No problem if I do SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen . So the problem appears not to be platform (arm/intel) or graphics specific

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