LibreOffice Install 7.1.1 for Windows 10 asks for a CD

When trying to install LibreOffice 7.1.1 or 7.0.5 on Windows 10 it asks for a CD. I have down loaded both versions neither work. I do the same thing on a different Desktop running the same base software and it works fine. This is a prime machine in our MensClub and many of our members want to use the software but I simply can’t install it.

Do you have an existing installation of LibreOffice? It might need the installation files to uninstall the previous version. Click Help > About to find installed version and download the previous version installation file from LibreOffice web site or the archive, then when it asks for the CD, point the installation to the downloaded file.

See General Installation Issues (Windows) for full details

Let us know the error message you get, and someone will be able to direct you to the file, which you additionally need to enable LibreOffice installation procedure to remove the existing install while trying to install the new version. The problem is a problem of the Windows installer cache and hence Windows asks for the old installation file (confusingly calling it CD) while trying to install the new version of the program.

When Installing an LO Update for Windows:

(likely actions already taken in your situation with reasons for failure)

  1. Download the relevant MSI file
  2. To install: Run MSI from root of C: drive
  3. First MSI-action: discover if earlier version is installed; if so:-
  • MSI auto-asks Windows system to remove that earlier version
  • Windows system discovers Registry install info for that earlier version is missing/corrupted
  • Windows system now instructs you to “load the CD”
    (it is asking for the original install file(s), which contain the necessary info to both install & uninstall the software)

Probable reasons for failure:

It is possible that you will need to re-install Windows on that computer. Essentially, parts of the Windows OS are corrupted; that corruption may be superficial or deep-seated. You can try the quick-fix below; it will not cause any worse damage than has already occurred.

The quick fix:

  1. Download the previous LO install-file from the LO Archive site
    (you will need to get the exact correct version, down to the 4th level + bit-version [ eg v1.2.3.4-x64 ])
    (the error message from Windows will have specified which CD-version it wants)
  2. Place that old-MSI file in the root of the C: drive
  3. Run the new-MSI file once more to install it
  4. When Windows asks you for the CD, use the browse button & point it at the old-MSI file
    (Windows will now use the uninstall info within that old-MSI file to remove the old-version software)

A possible alternative:

Right-click on the old MSI file whilst it is within a Desktop-Explorer window. You should get a selection of options, one of which is “uninstall”. Choose that option (there are also command-line options using msiexec, which you probably want to avoid). When complete, run the new MSI file once again.