LibreOffice install on Lubuntu 18.04 doesn't install the various office apps - why?

LibreOffice install on Lubuntu 18.04 doesn’t install the various office apps even though the software installer claims they are installed. Opening any app through the office app gets no activity. Within LibreOffice, all the app choices are greyed out even though clicking on recents automatically starts the file opening process and immediately stops with no error messages. Do the individual apps have to be installed before they general office app or after? Installing most programs in Linux systems usually automatically install all dependencies. I previously insatalled the office app and then the various apps afterwards but the Word Processor consistantly crashed while I had no trouble with LibreOffice draw. Erasing the office install did not erase the vaious apps, either. I had to erase those separately in the software installer. Help! I need to use the LibreOffice Word processor.

If your OS is not entirely corrupt you could, as a try out, install LibreOffice as parallel in your home folder.


I wonder why the originally installed version does not work. Usually LO is part of the native install proceeding, isn’t it? And the “various office apps” are part of it, aren’t they?

I followed your ‘paralell’ link but it still isn’t clear to me what you mean by paralell install - there would be no need to install several different versions of the app in paralell. It is a fresh lubuntu 18.04 system install and that includes the libreoffice suite that is bundled with it. LO 6.0.
Then you reposed the same questions I have. ! ?

This only was a proposal if the original installation from repositories failed. You should also ask in a Ubuntu forum whether other user have got same/similar problem(s).

That is a problem of your Linux distribution who did this packaging of LibreOffice. You should file a bug report against Lubuntu.

Before ASSUMING it is someone else’s fault, I am hoping to find out if others have had the same problem here. If you have nothing helpful to add, you need not ‘answer’ me. I have done all the prerequisite searching for similar questions and found none. Finding someone who has had a similar problem with LO has a better chance of bearing fruit here where the LO users are concentrated.

Hello @espad,

I do not use Lubuntu nor have it installed. However I have Mint, Xubuntu, Ubuntu & others installed (some just for testing and answering questions here) which has uncovered many similar problems to the one you are having.

I have seen a number of problems with distro versions which are not present in the “normal” LO versions. This is due to the distro repackaging LO or a failure to include an updated portion which causes a problem.

The best thing, from experience, is to completely wipe out what you have and start with a clean install from a PPA. For this see my answer and comment in other answer on this post → Cleaning up a busted LO installation

From my understanding Lubuntu 18.04 uses Abiword and GNumeric applications for wordprocessing and spreadsheet. As Lubuntu is for lower powered systems, it does not support LibreOffice as a default. The Lubuntu website does give advice on adding LibreOffice.

I am puzzled about the use of the word apps. You install LibreOffice, it is not divided into apps. The system includes all the functions, writer, calc (spreadsheet) etc under a common umbrella. You do not /can not install them ‘app by app’. The choice is between languages you choose for the menus etc. This will normally default to your system language.

If you wish to download LibreOffice from the main website, you will find it on Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft. you should remove your current LibreOffice bits and pieces first.

@petermau Unfortunately on Linux systems (at lease Ubuntu based) distros still use an old method of installing LO items separately. Most exclude Base in the initial install. It not clear as to why this is still done since very little is saved doing this and have seen numerous problems because of this. Most recently recall Base missing something for Report Builder when finally found it isn’t installed - distro problem.