LibreOffice installation Failure

LibreOffice installation fails. I even tried an earlier version and that also failed. I have been using the product for about 8 months. It started locking files so I uninstalled it. Can’t get it to reinstall. Would appreciate some help. When I bring the files up in excel, I lose the formulas.
Bob Grabowski

(Edit: activated screenshot -AK)

Please see this FAQ. Warning 1909 Could not create shortcut + Internal error 2902 ixoShortcutPropertyCreate are related to Windows Defender.

I was able to re-install Libre by not creating the short cut. Now I have a similar problem that looks lot several users are having. I can not save any files after I make some updates - ‘File not found’ 'Check the file name and try again. I also created an empty spreadsheet and copied the data into the new spreadsheet- that did not work. Could lose a lot of data, need some help to resolve this.
Bob Grabowski

Have you even tried to look at the FAQ? If you did, you’d see what was needed instead of not creating the shortcut - and also that “in Windows Defender case, it might be necessary to add LibreOffice’s soffice.bin to the Defender’s Controlled Folder Access exceptions list” (with a reference for more detailed explanation). But why would one try to help you and give all this info, if you don’t even try to follow the advises.