LibreOffice is asking for permissions to access my desktop folders?!

Good day,
Just downloaded LibreOffice today and tried to explore it’s preferences. All of a sudden, a message popped up, saying that LibreOffice wants to access my desktop folders! Is this normal? Or a useful feature? Or have I downloaded Malware?!
( I downloaded it from the website whose address is shown in wikipedia ). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What is “desktop folders” (esp. in plural)? Is that “some folders that constitute my desktop space - including, e.g., My Documents”; or is that “several(?) folders that keep what is considered “desktop” - i.e., icons that I see on screen when all programs are minimized”; or is that something else?

I’d assume that you’ve opened “Paths” options page, and it tried to configure its “Documents” path pointing to user’s default documents. But - no idea what told you what actually; it’s better to post screenshots when you describe some messages, than try to invent own wording.

I don’t really know what " desktop folders " were meant by my MacOS, and I didn’t take any screenshots…Oh well, thank you for your help!