Libreoffice "JRE defective" in libre 6

when I open libreoffice Version: (x64) it appears a dialog box:
“LibreOffice requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) to perform this task. The selected JRE is defective. Please select another version or install a new JRE and select it under Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Advanced.”

Both of Java and libreoffice are 64-bit platform.

thank you for helping.

I have gained some success.

I runed the “abuot java” from start menu.
then clicked on “update”. It tracked me to java website. (In Iran an antifilter is needed).
In that page there was “Recommended Version 8 Update 221” for download.
I download and then installed it.
the problem was solved.

Here you can read the whole process. I hope it helps you.