Libreoffice language settings - where are they stored?

I want to provide Libreoffice in a thin client (TC) environment (Linux based, no - or limited - persistence over reboots). This “Custom Partition” will maybe be used by various customers in various languages.

If I use the .appimage the parameter –language=de (or de-DE,es-ES, …) didn’t work at all. If I start the appimage and change the language settings it will be saved even if I stop it (means it will be remounted and restarted without change something in the .appimage file).

My question:
I have searched the whole system where these settings will be stored. I want to set them upfront (so nice would be to provide the right config files for each language-settings).

(would be nice find it out without scanning the source code :wink: )

Settings are stored in the user profile’s registrymodifications.xcu file, The UI language is stored in the /org.openoffice.Setup/L10N item’s ooLocale property, so for example there is

<item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Setup/L10N"><prop oor:name="ooLocale" oor:op="fuse"><value>en-US</value></prop></item>

for an en-US localized UI.

Thx :wink: I can modify this with a python script

more easier: I have generated registrymodifications.xcu files for each language I want to provide (with the extension .de-DE, .es-ES, …) and copy the right one over to registrymodifications.xcu befor starting LibreOffice.

that’s a bad idea: it will override configuration modifications done by the user.

But it seems intended: