LibreOffice Locks Up While Renaming Documents

I am using LibrOffice to create a company operating manual. I created an H1 header for each topic and then had LO create the master, and the approximately 700 sub documents. All went well, however I needed to rename the subdocuments so I could more easily identify the section or chapter topic when viewing the navigator or the list in Windows Explorer.

I do my work in Windows Explorer rather than LO as it requires fewer clicks of the mouse, and 700 is a lot of files to rename. My process is to open the .odt file, copy the H1 section title, and then close the file. Next I use F2 in Windows Explorer to go into the rename mode and paste my H1 title in as the new name.

Usually this is no problem, however today, as I try to rename the files through Windows Explorer, LibreOffice has begun to “lock up” after as few as two renames and I am unable to continue my process until I reboot my laptop as that seems to be the only way to clear LO from memory.

Is this a normal occurrence or is there a fix I can apply so I can complete my task in less than seven months?


Since there has been no answer to this point, I am posting the workaround I have been able to use.

I decided that what was happening was that LibreOffice was not closing out completely, for why I do not know, but all appearances indicated that was what was happening and that since it did not appear in task manager, the only solution I knew of was to reboot the system. Which got a little old by the time I had done it thirty or forty times.

So, I decided to leave LO open by closing each file with an Alt-C rather than an Alt-X, and then open the next file with the instance of the LO application still fully installed in memory.

That has worked for the past two days, and appears to be the solution until someone with more knowledge than I makes a better suggestion. It’s a PITA, but all I have.