LibreOffice looks just plain ugly

On my Fedora 17 system I have installed LibreOffice from the download website (not from fedora yum repo). When I start it up it has a Clearlooks theme, which isn’t that ugly, just weird compared to Shotwell and Brasero and all the other GTK3 apps. It looks like this:

Ugly LibreOffice 1

And the interface gets worse when I set an Adwaita GTK2 port theme (Bridge) using Tweak Tool. It looks like this:

Ugly LibreOffice 2

What could I do to get rid of these awful styles? Are there LibreOffice themes available? A special patch? What can I do??? :’-(

For what it’s worth, LibreOffice 4.0 will allow you to install Mozilla Personas (skins) so your workplace looks less boring. :slight_smile:

One can argue about the layout or theme of an SW like LibO and its functionality.

For me personally functionality and productivity is by far more important than colors or themes. I also prefer that our devs focus on these points.

However, if there are people not belonging to the rare resource of our devs, who want to develop them or other elements to make LibO more “stylish” I would just say: Go ahead.

I’ve only ever used Ubuntu, Raspbian and Android as far as Linux is concerned, and all of these have some sort of appstore. If you take a look on some software repos for Fedora like apt uses in Debian/Ubuntu

I recommend especially to change the style of icons on Galaxy - maybe it will be downloaded through synaptic. Note that the setup program, you must choose a size as small icons. Further recommend you to choose a theme - like mentioned Adwaita or Clearlooks, but that is to be downloaded from the internet. I personally prefer the Oxygen style because I use KDE, but it makes the problem directly in the terminal in Ubuntu (I don´t know what will be happened in Fedora). Unfortunately GNOME themes and style is not (at least for me) (only) visually satisfying, so I use Kubuntu. If I can advise, go to KDE.

I’m not sure what your exact aesthetic goal is, but besides themes, you can change some of the appearance of LO by trying different icon styles. These are (or should be) available under Tools->Options->LibreOffice(left pane)->View(left pane)->(right pane)Icon Size and Style, right drop-down. If there’s only one style available you will need to install more.

On my Debian/Ubuntu based systems, non-default icon styles are installed from Apt packages with a naming convention of *libreoffice-style-**, where * is oxygen, galaxy, tango, crystal, human, sifr, etc. Tango was the default on most installs until recently, and the one I prefer, giving a more familiar 3D color look to LO icons. I’m not sure how it works under Fedora, you may have some styles already, or they may be under different package names.