LibreOffice macOS: Please provide an option to disable mouse/scroll zoom

The mouse/scroll zooming is awful. I very often leave my finger on the Command key as I work on the document. I expect the mouse scroll to ALWAYS scroll the document, not jerk the zoom to a different view. This happens in the Writer application, for example.

Please provide a built-in option to disable the mouse/scroll zoom hotkey. The default behavior is way too finicky and does not follow the behavior of 99% of other macOS applications.

Other users have suggested buying third party products to fix this. That’s not good. Let’s fix the root cause in the first party application, LibreOffice.

Have you tried the options here including re-assigning a different modifier key, Change Zoom settings for accessibility on Mac – Apple Support (UK) ?

Or maybe you have a magic mouse, How to Fix or Disable Magic Mouse Zooming By Itself Randomly

Do not leave your finger on the Command key.
(I am not kidding…)

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I’m pretty sure I’m leaving my finger on the trackpad rather than the Command key. Between very rapid document changes involving genuine mouse cursor movements, hotkeys, and content changes. I have never had this problem in any other WYSIWYG editor before. Only in the LibreOffice Writer. This is horrid UX, which multiple people have already complained about online. The problem is consistent and annoying enough to leave LibreOffice and get Microsoft Office.

It is your choice.
Check the Customize
(on Windows: Tools - Customize - Keyboard)
feature for the Keyboard. There is not Zoom related option for the keys.
I suppose it it is handled by the operating system, like in the Firefox browser, like in the Thunderbird Email client, and in many other softwares. (As there is not assigned function for the Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V in my LO running on Windows - but the copy-paste function works without it)

Try to search relevant options in your operating system.