Libreoffice maxium cell split into 20 (Writer)

Hi, so I’m trying to split a cell into more than 20 fragments, however it appears 20 is the maximum allowed; selecting more than this simply creates 20 fragments.
This is strange, as I’m sure I’ve split cells into more than that in the past… can anyone confirm that this is the case for their Libreoffice as well?
I’m not sure why this is the maximum; surely LO is capable of handling more fragments than that? I mean if a table can be created with more than 20 columns, why can’t a cell be split into more than 20 parts?


I meet the same limitation if splitting horizontally, but I went up to 40 vertically. I didn’t try higher.

Does not it make sense, where you need more than 20 cells to work on the normal cell level? After that connect the cells above it?

@Hrbrgr: I agree. Tables in Writer have not the same purpose as in Calc. Cells are supposed to contain readable text (meaning the cell is wide enough). Moreover, semantically, splitting a cell is only a way to list related topics (ideas, references, …) for which text in adjacent non-split cells is applicable as additional information.

If really a large number of cells is necessary, it is better to start the other round and merge adjacent cells where information can be common-factored. But a large number of rows/columns in a Writer table is usually an indication that some synthesis work has been skipped.

@ajlittoz yes you are right. I would rather create the table in Calc and insert it in the Writer. Unfortunately, the table functions in Writer are very limited.

@Hrbrgr; I don’t see the limitations on Writer table as an inconvenience. Text laid out in tabular format is quite exceptional in a document. Tables containing numeric data are better prepared within Calc and then “imported” in Writer. Since LO is a suite, it is easier and more comfortable to use the adapted component for one’s data (numeric data with computation in Calc, text layout in Writer). Components come for free.

@ajlittoz Yes, depending on the requirement.