LibreOffice missing from Default Apps list

LibreOffice was working fine a short while back but now now when clicking on .ods, .csv, .xls or any office file format I get an error message saying file does not have an association.

Since LibreOffice no longer appears in Default Apps list I can’t reassociate these files. Don’t know what caused this as several MS updates as well as LibreOffice updates have now taken place. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled LibreOffice and chosen repair from install dialog but nothing helps.

Currently running V (x64) on Windows 10 Pro. If I fire up any LibreOffice app and manually choose a file everything works as expected but this is way too cumbersome. If anyone knows how to get LibreOffice back in Default Apps - or better yet - know of a fix to restore Default App as well as reinstate associations automatically I would greatly appreciate it!

This usually happens through a Windows Update. Try this.

Thanks but doing that and selecting soffice or any of the apps like scalc for an appropriate file extension fails and the dialog tells me to select an app from Default Apps - if not mistaken that was LibreOffice when all this worked in the past.