LibreOffice no longer opens MS Excel worksheet

LibreOffice used to display options to open a MS Excel worksheet. Now LibreOffice no longer displays those options and MS Excel worksheet cannot be opened (screen displays a message that an app is needed). Does someone know the fix to get LibreOffice to open a MS Excel worksheet again?

LO 7.0 & Windows 10
There was a problem with MS Office, deinstalled, there was no free reinstall, installed LO which displayed 4-5 options to open MS Excel worksheet, always opened MSExcel with LO (calc, I think), now all of a sudden a message displays to add an app so MSExcel can open

Yes, your comment to open Calc then click File > Open, navigate to your excel file and click Open worked. Thanks!

This sounds like an operating system issue but you haven’t said what OS you use, nor what version of LO. Please read getting started

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In the meantime, you could open Calc then click File > Open , navigate to your excel file and click Open.

Read and try:

Assign files back to LibreOffice by default