Libreoffice not responsive on Macbook

Hi. My Libreoffice got stuck a while ago while I was using Powerpoint. I had to Force Quit. Not a window pops up asking if I want to restore/do not restore windows. Neither option is responsive when clicked.
Now I can’t open any documents on Libreoffice (specifically powerpoint) and when I open a new document, most of the functions don’t work, e.g. “save as”, “bullets” and indenting.
I’ve reinstalled Libreoffice (to the latest version for Mac) and it’s still not working. Help!

@macuser84 – Any feedback welcome …

Do you mean: “Now a window pops up […]”?

Then have a look at →

(Bug 39007 - Persistent “Restore Windows” dialog won’t disappear, disables key functionality).

See also → LibreOffice startup always asking reopen windows.