LibreOffice on a Chromebook.

I am trying to format a self-published book. I have done this before with fairly good results. However, I had to change my hardware to a Chromebook. This limits me to LibreOffice 5 as you cannot successfully install anything above 5. I have tried, believe me! If there is a way to do this published on the Internet, I have tried it. Nothing works. I live in hopes with every update. (I open in developer mode and use the Linux option, however, did not find installing Linux alongside worked well. It was clunky.) Has anyone successfully got LibreOffice 6 or above to work on a Chromebook in a way not found in a google search, seeing as I have followed all those I found? I only need Writer. Please do not suggest Google docs as this is fine for writing, but not for formatting a book for publication.


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Have you ever tried the portable version of LibreOffice? You can install it on a stick.

If I’m not wrong no version of LibreOffice except those for Android can be installed con Chrome.

Libre Office 5 can be as I use this. You just cannot get anything above 5 to load or work well in my experience. I keep hoping someone solves this as so many use a Chromebook now.

Hi Jacky. Did you ever have any success with this? I am looking for a version of LibreOffice or Collabora Office that will run on an older Chrome device which can’t run Android apps.

I have installed LibreOffice5 on my Chromebook but don’t know how to store and load documents into it offline. Help?

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You can give a try to the new Collabora-Office-Android-Beta.