LibreOffice on Android

I use a PC for nearly everything. I also have an Android tablet that I sometimes use to view and edit documents. I’ve tried several apps but haven’t found one that is easy to use. I don’t want to waste time re-learning the idiosyncrasies of an app each time I want to use it.

I thought perhaps Collabora Office was going to fit the bill. But if the document is large and I select “edit”, then many pages are either blank, half filled, or have odd blank spaces. The text within those blanks is just missing, not shifted.

I know LibreOffice does not support Collabora and that’s not what I am asking. What I’m hoping is if there is another Android app that can read/edit the odt and/or doc formats. I refuse to have a subscription to Office 365 just for my tablet so that is out. I typically save in both formats anyway because my editor uses Word.


LibreOffice does not support Collabora

True, it’s the other way round: Collabora supports LibreOffice :wink:
Collabora Office Android app is built on the LibreOffice core code plus some Android-specific UI (based on Collabora Online). So in theory, there should be no such problems that you describe - but of course, bugs happen. So you would do a good deed if you submit a bug report with some sample that renders incorrectly in Collabora Office for Android.

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Done. It is really a mess.