Libreoffice online - Issue when collaboratively editing - cursor jump

First of all, I want to thank for the impressive and openly shared work in and through libreoffice and libreoffice online.

I installed libreoffice online for using with nextcloud and discourse instances, using the excellent script of husisusi.

It works great; the only annoying issue I am having, which I hope to be some misconfiguration from my part is that when 2 or more people connect to the same document for collaboratively editing, it seems that the cursor jumps to other editor’s positions randomly. “Follow the editor cursor” is disabled in nextcloud web interface.

Has anyone else stumped on a similar issue? I wonder where to look for working around it. I couldn’t see any option for loolwsd.xml that would interfere with it. If directed, I can help to debug it, even though I am not capable of doing it all alone.

@kompilainenn thanks for this first fast reply. I am actually using a compiled collabora (CODE), sorry for not specifying it properly. It’s now collabora dev 6.4-49 LOKit . So, since I am in fact using collabora, would you have more directions

I can suggest you to use Collabora Online instead LOOL. LOOL is not developing now

Collabora is not developed by the LibreOffice team. I suggest that you visit the Collabora online forum.

Ok thanks! I missed the existence of collabora forum.