Libreoffice page setup (newbie question)

Hello. I would like to ask you this: 1.) In Word when you go File → Page setup there is an

option where you can set margins for the whole document or from this point forward. (For

example Left=2cm, Right=1.5cm, Up=1cm, Down=1cm). In LibreOffice I found the option to set

margins for the whole document but not the option from this point forward. If such an option

exists, where is it? 2.) What is the best margins to print a book? Basically what I’m asking

is the procedure and how to arrange the double-sided pages like first-last etc so I can print

a book with the correct margins and page order. 3.) Is there a way to view my menu bar like in

office 2003 classic menu symbols? Thank you very much for any answer.

In answer to the first question, open the Styles and Formatting sidebar and click the Page Styles icon. Go to page 1 and double-click the “First Page” style. Then go to Insert → Manual Break, select “Page Break” and specify “Default Style.”

Now, right-click on the “First Page” style and modify it as desired.

Documentation is at Creating and Applying Page Styles - LibreOffice Help.

Regarding the second question, isn’t it up to you to choose the margins? But I’m not sure what you’re asking here.

Regarding the third question, I do not know what Office 2003 classic menu symbols are. MS Office 2003 perhaps – I used it more than ten years ago. But see Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View for various choices.

Thank you, thank you and again thank you very much for your answer. I really appreciate it. Now what I ask in the second part is this: When you print a book and you put pages inside another to wrap them and glue them together the inside pages get longer from the outside pages as you fold them and you have to cut them. So what margins should I use or if you know what margins do the printing companies use to print a book? As far for the double sided pages, since I will wrap the pages to make the book, is there an automatic way to arrange them so when I will print them, the first page goes together with the last page in the same paper (cover), the second goes together with the one before the end etc. And again thank you.