Libreoffice-pdfimport no longer required?

32-bit Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, all updates done. Says that libreoffice-pdfimport package is no longer required. Would like to autoremove other unnecessary (orphaned) packages but libreoffice-pdfimport should stay. Would it be possible to arrange so that system understands that this package is actually required? Using PPA and LibreOffice 6.0.4.

Maybe because a different package is use instead.

Strange behaviour is that on some machines this libreoffice-pdfimport package is not marked as orphan - only rare cases. When to look those tests then really the pdfium is better. The question remains - why is old one still used while new one is better? The libreoffice-pdfimport is still packaged for 6.0.4 version… Thanks for information about pdfium!