LibreOffice periodically accesses files in "recent" list causing freezes

Hello, if I open a file from a mounted smb share or if such file is in the “recent files” list, then LibreOffice Writer (maybe other programs too) periodically accesses it (SMB requests QUERY_PATH_INFO). If the network is slow (a VPN over DSL or something like that), then Writer freezes while it checks the files. This periodic freezing is very annoying. Is there a way to make LO Writer not freeze?

The version is

This sounds like a feature request or a bug report is needed.

This affects me as well. I haven’t thought about it being the recent list, but now it seems obvious.
I will write a bug report.

The obvious workaround is to clear the recent list. However, you need to clear it again when you have loaded the document as the current document will appear in the list and cause the freezing to reappear.
Then LibreOffice becomes as responsive as one would expect.

With regards to bug registration, I didn’t have to, there is already a bug registered, I added the information you provided on the SMB call.
Hope that makes this work, it makes the application almost unworkable.