Libreoffice presentation notes disappear when open by microsoft powerpoint


I am using the most current version of libreoffice presentation LibreOffice 5.2.7 release x86. I am trying to turn in an assignment to my university for homework. (the school require all assignments be in microsoft ppt) I have used Libreoffice for years and have had no problems up to this point.

Actions I have taken: Saved and sent the file in both Microsoft 2007 and 2003 formats for the purpose of compatibility. My professor (using microsoft powerpoint 10) is unable to view the notes section on the slides but I can see them on my slides in Libre.
My instructor is telling me that the notes disappear when she attempts to view them. I sent copy another (my work) computer. It is using microsoft power point 7 and confirm that the notes are gone. When I view at home using Libreoffice presentation notes are there.

I cut and past the text from a writer into presentation. I am guessing that resizing the text in the notes to New Times Roman or resizing the window a possible cause.

Additional Info: My home computer is 3rd generation intel i5, windows 10 OS-free upgrade , LibreOffice 5.2.7 release x86

Maybe not exactly the same but looks in relation with the tdf#89064 FILEOPEN .pptx slide with a comment has no view of notes

I have been able to get a work around. First do all your size formatting in a text program before adding to the slide notes solves the problem. I am suspecting the culprit is webpages that prevent you from coping some or all the text displayed. I am not exactly sure why this works, but size formatting in word pad first and then transfer into the notes is not a huge problem. After the size formatting is complete I am able to make changes int the slide without any further issue.

Here a guide I found about How to highlight and copy text on sites that block it: How to highlight and copy text on sites that block it - gHacks Tech News

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