LibreOffice printing in landscape

Since upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 I have not been able to get LibreOffice Writer to print anything in Portrait mode even though the printer is set to portrait. There seems to be a glitch since turning it from OpenOffice as it always wants to print in landscape and takes off an inch from the top when printing.

Hi Anonymous, Have you resolved your printing problems? If not, what version of LO are you using?

I’ve been the same problem on Ubuntu 12,1. But it seems to me that the problem lays on openoffice/libreoffice - I can print in landscape pictures I’ve pasted to a clean file. I can print normally pdf files in landscape.

I updated the kernell today (ubuntu 12,1), and after that the bug fixed by itself.
I searched this subject through google, and found another possible answers I didn’t try. (see