LibreOffice Programming

TLDR; LibreOffice Programming resource.

Programming resources for Python and other languages are limited, often relying on Macros Explained in Basic by Andrew Pitonyak and Java LibreOffice Programming by Andrew Davison for detail. Much of the information, the process, and tools are the same regardless of the language, and the implementation is similar (for example, a word replacement of Java for Python in Part 1 of the last reference reads as if it was written for Python). This provides an opportunity to cover multiple languages in the same reference.

Andrew Davison has kindly made his book available, provided his work is acknowledged, and it has been converted to Markdown with scripts then loaded to LibreOffice Programming. A lot of it wasn’t successfully converted, particularly the extensive java code blocks, so I’ve manually revised the layout of Parts 1- 2 and 8-9, and I’ll get to the rest as time permits.

It’s intended to revise the content so it applies more generally to multiple languages and move implementation examples to tabs for each language so users can select their preferred programming language.

Any comments, requests, and contributions are welcome.


thank you!, these are valuable documents.

Python LibreOffice Programming is converting the document to python as part of OOO Development Tools. An extensive rewrite of some areas and examples is required. Use it if the chapter has been converted.