LibreOffice programs won't open in Qubes OS Debian 10

I believe this is a Qubes issue but many someone here knows how to deal with this:

  • Installed libreoffice
  • created practice.odt
  • Tried to open practice.odt
    and received this messasge from the qube:

‘WARNING(qvm): This VM has attempted to create a very large window in a manner that would have prevented you from closing it and regaining the control of Qubes OS’s graphical user interface.
As a protection measure, “the override_redirect” flag of the window in question has been unset. If this creates unexpected issues in the handling of this VM’s windows, please set “override_redirect_protection” to “false” for this VM in /etc/qubes/guid.conf to disable this protection measure and restart VM.’

I did not change any settings as the warming describes I could.
I figured those settings had nothing to do with libre office.

So now that I try to open a libreoffice document the terminal just freezes.
Nothing happens.
And I have to press ctrl X to exit from libreoffice

Is there a way to open libreoffice document with a small window so that qubes doesn’t freak out. Or how should I go about this.

For now I will edit the conf file to see what that does to the VM.