LibreOffice refuses to play videos after upgrade to

Hi, I just upgraded LibreOffice from 4.2.X.X to on Ubuntu 14.04.

I opened an old presentation of mine containing some mp4 videos. Before the upgrade, LibreOffice Impress happily played the videos in presentation mode. Now there is only a grey box with a speaker sign and that’s it. How do I get LibreOffice to play the videos again?

Btw, I downgraded back to and all videos can be played again. But still I am puzzled why the upgraded version failed to play the videos.

The same happens to me. Before I could see the videos on my presentation but since I upgraded LibreOffice to on Unbuntu 14.04 I can’t watch my videos anymore.

This is not new with LibreOffice. I remember I had an old presentation I had to erase because all its videos stopped playing… I thought it was something wrong with my old laptop, now I realize it happened after another upgrade…

How can I downgrade it? Is it possible to downgrade only Impress?

I am unable to confirm the problem as reported under Debian 7 x86_64 using the versions indicated in the question (sourced from the LO website). Media objects using a variety of audio/video stream codecs that play under v4.2 still play under v4.3. Please post the output from the file and ffmpeg -i commands when run against the inserted media object file. It may be that the newer version of LO is integrated differently with certain Gnome libraries. @Pep, no you cannot downgrade one component.

I found the solution to my problem here. It seems it was a problem of codecs after all. Looking for a program to trim some videos in Ubuntu I came accross FFMPEG. I read it comes with a new bunch of codecs so after installing it, I checked my Impress presentation and voilà, my videos in it play again!