LibreOffice secure installation

Hi there, I need to install LibreOffice in a high secure environment, is there any documentation or guides about libreoffice most secure settings?

thank you in advance

What is “installation hardening” applied to LibreOffice?

I haven’t noticed any hardening (or softening) as compared to the time when I first installed, and this was, as I remember, in 2003.

I need to install LibreOffice in a very secure enviroment, need to install it with the most security settings enabled. thanks

Go to and type security into the search field and find out what you are really interested in.

I don’t think there’s ever such a thing as “security in vacuum”. The most secure computer is the one that has been processed to meltdown: you cannot have a virus on it; and a malicious person cannot steal data from it.

On the other hand, when you are already in highly secure environment (like without any network access, with USB ports removed, with scanners checking your DNA to decide if you are authorized, and with guards all over the place), you may be relatively safe that no virus will enter your lone box even with LibreOffice having default settings.

If you need security, you need to describe your specific requirements, and then you’ll possibly get some specific advises. Look at Deployment and Migration to learn some basics about central configuration.

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