Libreoffice settings being lost every few weeks - Windows 10

Hi all.
We’re long time Libreoffice users on Windows and openSUSE, but in the last few months my Wife’s Windows 10 install has been losing its settings every few weeks.

When this occurs, there are three signs:

  1. File > Recent Documents is empty

  2. Some specific Calc settings she relies on are reverted (specifically around Updating links and Trusted locations). Other settings are probably all reverted also, but she doesn’t heavily customise her settings.

  3. A dialog announcing that LIbreoffice has updated appears, when it definitely has not*.

Does anyone have any suggestions? -other than backing up %APPDATA%\Roaming\LibreOffice\4 - Which I’m planning to start scripting now.
Never encountered anything like this on any prior Linux or Windows installs, or with this PC in the past.

  • I am confident that it is unrelated to Libreoffice updates as Libreoffice is installed and updated via Ninite - manually every few weeks. Those updates work fine and retain the settings, whereas when the settings are lost can be weeks after the last Libreoffice update. I assume the dialog stating Libreoffice has updated is triggered by some sort of run-once flag that is lost withthe other settings.

Window pretends to be able to run without rebooting but it can’t; don’t just let it sleep overnight and hope for the best. If you don’t close LibreOffice completely and Restart Windows regularly it will close unexpectedly without saving your settings. This is pretty much guaranteed once a month after Update Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month.

I work on Windows; I always close down every night and shut down the computer. Important: I have disabled Fast Start which just hibernates instead of closing.

If I see Windows Updates saying to pick a time to restart, I close everything and implement the remainder of the update immediately. This is not only because I don’t like restarts happening when I am not prepared but also because Windows can behave erratically if updates have been installed but the computer has not been restarted. I usually restart twice a few minutes apart as sometimes it sneaks in a little extra update after the first restart.

If you already do this then maybe the problem lies in memory or hard drive.


Excellent suggestions thanks.
I too have Fast Start disabled which may explain why my wife has the issue and I don’t.

Thanks again for the tips - will give them a crack.

Thanks EarnestAI, this is a huge help. I was restoring settings unnecessarily; just got my windows techie to disable the fast start minutes ago.