LibreOffice shows the source code of password protected VB Project in MS Excel

I have added macro code using VB to my excel file and have password protected the created VB Project. When I open the excel file in LibreOffice, I get a runtime error at the event of macro code execution, but that is not an issue. The main issue is that after the error, LibreOffice displays entire source code of my VB project (macro code), which is a major security leak in my application. Kindly help me resolve this issue.

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Shouldn’ it be the concern of MS to implement a password protection for contained VB code that withstands scaling about on the fly?

If LibreOffice can do that other applications will also be capable of.

I have written commercial Excel addins (in VBA) over the years. Engineering based.

I would be really annoyed if my intellectual property can be “cracked” by simply opening the the xla files in Libre Office.
Currently my code is protected with a 48 character password, so far I have been unable to crack the password after 5 days (120 hours of scanning).

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Somebody may be sceptical about the concept of “Intelectual Property”. We won’t resolve the issue here. But … If MS think it was necessary offering password protection for embedded VBA code it was surely THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to implement it in a way inhibiting simply ignoring the protection. LibO will surely not have built in the ultimate code cracking engine. Something wrong with MS IntProp? Or was the protection inadvertently switched off before saving the document for reopening in LibO?