Libreoffice spreadsheet on linux: how to move a row


I am running Libreoffice spreadsheet on Linux. I would like to move a row from one position (let’s say, row 3) to another position (let’s say row 7).
I try to drag and drop it with left mouse button hold down, but it does not work. I tried also to drag and dropping it with the left mouse button hold and holding down the Alt key (as I read that on some posts) as well but it does not work either. I tried other special keys too (Ctrl, Shift, Windows), but no luck either.

How can you do that?

I did cut and paste the rows for now, but it is very inconvenient when all the rows are already filled in and you just want to reorder them.


How to move columns

This should also work with rows.
Select the Rows-header → Button-Down inside selected Row→move →Button-Up

thanks for your answer. this works but it does something different: I can move the row (let’s say row 3), but I cannot move it between other rows (let’s say 7 and 8), i can only overwrite one of the existing rows. In other words: I cannot move row 3 between row 7 and 8, if I move it I have to overwrite another row.

Is there a way to avoid the overwrite and insert it in between, without having to create a new row beforehand?

…hold alt meanwhile button-up