LibreOffice stability issues on OS X

There are many stability issues in LibreOffice for OS X. Many crashes I have
had are random, non-reproducible crashes. I need more stability in general. I
tried disabling auto-updating, but that didn’t solve the problem. Is it perhaps
the version of Java that is loaded by default in OS X?

I have only had one reproducible crash in LibreOffice, in Calc. Whenever I try
to put borders around cells (regardless of how many), it crashes and I get this
crash output from the operating system. The output is here: Attachment 63898 Details for Bug 51791 – crash output

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4,
Intel Core i3 @3.06 GHz,
8GB RAM 1333 MHz RAM,
Java SE6 1.6.0_33-b03-424 by Apple Inc


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Hi @ranrunner,

Sorry to hear about LO crashing on you. Are you still experiencing instability issues with the suite?

Regarding the bug report you mention,

  • fdo#63898 is RESOLVED DUPLICATE of fdo#49942
  • fdo#49942 is RESOLVED FIXED

Barring any additional updates, it sounds like this problem has been fixed.

I am experiencing multiple crashes in LO calc on a Mac. Non reproducable. Crashes occurring about every 15 minutes. I am building a SS, so it is not very complicated at the moment. Most crashes seem to occur if I cut/paste/drag a formula from one place to another.

I have Mt Lion OS.