LibreOffice starts and opens documents very slowly. Resetting the user profile helps only for some days


After updating LO to on LUbuntu 21.04, it works fine for some days. After some days, it hangs for some minutes during the start or opening of each document. Access to File → Recent Documents causes hanging of LXQT desktop for up to minute. Only the mouse cursor operates during this time.

Deleting the user profile restores quick operation for some days only.

I tried to reset all permissions for all files in the user profile to rwxrwxrwx recursively. This didn’t solve the problem.

How to fix the trouble?

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Why should it…

Check your recents list for non-local documents, like external disks, internet locations, shares, WebDAV … whatever could slow down the machine and keep it busy. Btw, how many entries do you have there after only a few days that it slows down regularly? Maybe something’s running wild and producing entries.

Or suspect a dying hard drive.

I am seeing this behavior since not too much time, even when opening a new window of an open document.

Many thanks! The problem occur now, and I investigated it. I opened Tools → Options → Advanced → Expert Configuration and searched the virtual registry for picklist. In the list, there was some documents at smb://… I couldn’t find how to delete the corresponding keys. Thus, the History key was set to 0. And LO revives. Thus, this is a LO blocking bug, which should be fixed.

The workaround is at

If you need to use “Recent files”, repeat the same procedure but set 25 instead of 0. This resets the list. The problem will occur after opening a remote file and make it unavailable.

It could help if you reported it with the detailed findings.