LibreOffice starts slowly on Mac OSX


On my Mac OSX LibreOffice starts more slower than on any of my other machinces. I have 2TB SSD and 8GB RAM and opening an ods file on the mac takes 16-20 seconds. Opening the same ods on my Windows PC (120GB SSD, 16GB RAM) takes 3-4 sec. The interesting part is that I have a virtual Ubuntu Linux running in Parallels on the Mac and opening the same ods takes also 3-4 sec! It is nonsense that opening an ods faster on a VM than on the host OS, so it prooves for me that something is wrong with the Libreoffice on (my) mac, but despite of digging the internet for any solution I have not found anything.

I tried to reinstall, I cleard my profile, tryed lot of settings without success.

So many thanks in advance if you have any idea,

Regards, -Tibor-