LibreOffice still types slow

Hi everyone. Despite promising first signs, Libreoffice continues to lag behind my typing. I tried unchecking OpenGL rendering. I tried resetting my profile. Neither of these things work. Whatever I type, the letters and numbers still lag behind by as much as half a second. Doesn’t sound like much until you try writing a novel or an academic paper. I saw this problem first with calc, but now that I’m working on some writer documents, I see the same thing there as well.
I’m running Libreoffice 6.4.7 on a Ryzen 7 laptop with 16 Gb and 1 Tb NvME drive and an Nvidia graphics card. The OS is System76’s Pop!_OS. Does the Libreoffice community have any tips on how to solve the problem?

Hi take a look at this
link text

Literally nothing suggested there or in other places works. One ting that comes to mind is the fact that it was working fine then I updated my system per the update reminder. Then everything relating to LibreOffice slowed down.