LibreOffice suddenly won't open directory where doc files live

L.O. still opens specific document files, but when I click on File–>Open, it starts to open a window containing the relevant directory where my files are stored (a subdirectory of My Documents) and then hangs indefinitely until I finally have to close the program.

It’s been working fine for years (with the files located in the same place), but today when I restarted my computer (running Windows 7), the problem suddenly appeared - even though I had made no changes that might explain this. I reinstalled Libre, which involved upgrading from v. 5.3 to v. 5.4.6. The process seemed to go smoothly, but the problem persists. Any ideas?

When you use a file manager (Windows Explorer?) to view that same directory, do you see anything unusual there? For example, a file with a LibreOffice file extension (.odt etc) that really isn’t a LO file? Or other?

I figured it out. Will share in case this is helpful to someone else. When I went to Tools–>Options–>Paths, somehow the path for My Documents had changed. Libre Writer was now looking in Documents (presumably the default) rather than in the directory within Documents where my files are located. No idea how that command changed itself