Libreoffice take a lot of time to start up

hello everyone, i have kubuntu 22.04. Libreoffice take a lot of time to startup. However, if I turn off network it will start up almost instantly.
Could someone help me? If I restart pc or if I turn on wifi it takes more than 2minutes to wake up.

I’ve already tried to restore account settings and data

Usually this happens because LO tries to access your network printer to retrieve the available tray sizes. If the printer is not online, you must wait for the network time out.

Go to Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Print and untick Paper tray from printer settings.

I haven’t LO writers in options…

Ok, i found that, but it’s unflagged

Try to delete the “xdg-desktop-portal-gnome” package if you have it on your system. I think it maybe is because of some recent Gnome or GTK updates/bugs.

Bad advice if you ever want to use flatpak.