LibreOffice UI layout changed suddenly into more compact and less visible

Its looks like this now. More compact, not syncing the distro theme, options like File, Edit, View, etc. are very thin and small.

It used to look so good like the image shown below. It was compatible with the Yaru theme which looked really good on it. App icons were not compact. The options used are laid out widely and were more visible like in the show below. Sub-option was also big and readable.

How do I bring this back? And what happened?

Distro: Fedora 34

You didn’t tell which desktop is yours (GNOME, Plasma KDE, MATE, other?) which could help to spot the problem.
Have you changed your video settings? Like switching to a denser display from 1600Ă—900 to 1920Ă—1080 or something similar.
Depending on the video card, you could also have inadvertently typed a key combination modifying card configuration (e.g. with the nouveau driver for nVidia cards, Menu + and Menu - zoom in and out).
Give more information so that we can rule out OS config vs. LO config.

Gnome 40.4, Wayland, 64-bit, Screen resolution: 1366 x 768, Refesh rate: 60.04 HZ, Ram: 8 GB, Hardware: Dell Inspiron 5548, Graphics: Mesa Intel® HD Graphics 5500 (BDW GT2).

Have you changed your video settings?

No, I have not.

Depending on the video card… nvidia

No external graphics.

And I also tried these:

  • Created a new user called bond and gave pass 007 and log in through GUI, via GDM. Opened LibreOffice to see if bring back the original layout in LO. It didn’t work.
  • Uninstalled Libreoffice. Deleted ~/home/pranav/.config/libreoffice. Reinstalled Libreofffice. It also didn’t work. The original layout is not there.
  • flatpak install libreoffice. The original layout is here. The way it should. But I would love to install it from the dnf. Something has changed which I can’t seems to track it down.

What does Help>About LibreOffice say? I am interested mainly with User Interface data.

FYI, I’m running Fedora 34 Plasma KDE, LO (installed with dnf from standard Fedora repo) and didn’t see any change in UI.

Build ID: 10(Build:2)
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 5.13; UI render: default; VCL: x11
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

I’m running Fedora 34 Plasma KDE, LO (installed with dnf from standard Fedora repo) and didn’t see any change in UI.

Same here. LO was fine like 2 weeks ago when I was giving my online exams. The UI looked normal and completely fine like the one I have attached 2nd the screenshot. But now, its has no juice in it. Looks bad.

You have a discrepancy between the desktop widget library and LO management: LO uses default X11 driver probably because you didn’t install the adequate widget driver (though it should be done by the package manager, but you have tampered with the installation process in some unexpected way).

To fix install package libreoffice-gtk3.

LO should then auto-switch to GTK+. If doesn’t do so, uninstall package libreoffice-x11, but having both packages present is harmless as long as the correct driver is active.

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oh wow. Thank you so much. When I (re)install the LibreOffice, shouldn’t libreoffice-gtk3 should install as a dependent package?! Isn’t it’s weird? I uninstalled and reinstalled it a couple of times.

Anyway, thanks a lot.

Yes, it should be installed because you’re under GNOME. However, I don’t know whether rpm packages can have “conditional” dependencies about the active desktop manager. As I mentioned, I’m under Plasma KDE and I need to manually install libreoffice-kf5. As far as I remember, libreoffice-gtk3 was installed by default. In my case, it doesn’t really matter because I have also installed many applications (like GnuCash) which require GTK+. So both libraries (Qt and GTK+) are available. But, once, I was in deep trouble and switching to bare metal X11 widgets was a means to check the case.

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well, I had a pretty long conversation here in AskFedora community. Many tried to help me. But we couldn’t reach a solution.

Made a good decision by crossposting it here. Thanks. Learned it the hard way.

Well, it could have been solved faster if you had provided the Help>About LibreOffice info from the start. This is highly and heavily suggested by regular contributors.

So, I repeat it for people coming over this question. Always mention your OS name and LO version at least. Pasting data from Help>About LibreOffice gives more helpful and valuable information, even if it doesn’t seem relevant for you.