LibreOffice unable to print on the whole page with any printer

Dear support,

I am using Version on Linux Lubuntu 16.04LTS.

Since I have upgraded to the latest version of the OS, my LibreOffice cannot print any document on the full width and length of the page, and it only prints on about half the available area, approximately at mid-height and to the left. NB: this does not depend on my page margins, page size or any other page format parameter or printer setup (I print A4 pages and everything is correctly set).

The error occurs no matter which printer I am using, including when I print to a pdf, and even if I export as pdf (but when I do this, comments are printed correctly to the extreme right margin of the A4 available space!).

On the contrary, all other printing jobs (from a pdf viewer, web browser, plain-text editors…) are printed correctly on any printing device.

This has happened before (a couple of years ago) and at some point something (LibreOffice update? Linux update?) fixed the problem without any intervention - so I have no idea how where the problem came from nor how it was fixed.

I have searched through the web with several combinations of keywords but could not find any comment related to this.

I’ll be glad to provide any supplementary information to help you folks help me!

all the best


I am having the exact same problem with the latest Windows version of Libreoffice on all modules calf, docs, etc.

This is not just annoying, it renders Libraoffice useless.

Please help.


Please report this as a bug, and hopefully it will be fixed come the next update.

Same problem- Mine prints only 1/4 of the page on thefirst print - then on th esecond print try it does the whole document- “Every Time” This only happens wit Libra- Pages (Mac prgm is fine). I like Libra more tho!!!

I too have been suffering from this issue for years now, still have not found any solution to this. Printing from other applications works fine so i know CUPS is ok and printing from LibreOffice in Windows works fine too. So with whatever little knowledge and experience I have with computers, I guess this must be an issue relating to how LibreOffice communicates with CUPS on Linux. I hope someone fixes this soon.